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Now in their 95th year, Ortofon remains one of the top names in phono cartridges. The Ortofon cartridge line is extensive. Here are some of the highlights: -The Ortofon 2M series is all about moving magnet (2M = MM) cartridge design. From the $99 entry level 2M Red, which is the definition of "high value," on up to the top of this series, the 2M Black, which some have called the best Moving Magnet cartridge made, Ortofon pushes the envelope of MM design. - The Ortofon Quintet series of affordable Moving Coil cartridges shows what a top manufacturer can offer for $300-$1000 including a Shibata profile diamond and Boron cantilevers. And for higher output designs that can work into a standard Moving Magnet phono input without the need for an additional gain stage, don't miss the Ortofon Turbo MC1 and MC3. - Ortofon turns up the heat with the Cadenza series of Moving Coil cartridges. The Cadenza Bronze, the best-selling moving coil, is a true reference level design. Just a taste of warmth combines with world class resolution and dynamics for an exquisitely balanced presentation. Also particularly noteworthy is the Cadenza Black, which was originally released as the Ortofon Jubilee Cartridge to celebrate the company's 80th Anniversary. A benchmark achievement in musicality, this cartridge has remained one of the most popular of the Ortofon Moving Coil designs for 15 years, and is still a statement in tonal neutrality and purity of sound. - Ortofon marked their 90th Anniversary with the release of the MC Windfeld Moving Coil cartridge honoring the departure after more than 30 years of their chief design engineer, Per Windfeld. The Ortofon Windfeld is an engineering and musical achievement, only surpassed by the cost-no-object MC Anna.


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