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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is usedcable.com?

Usedcable.com is the on-line clearinghouse for pre-owned high-performance audio and video cables of all types, and cable manufacturers' closeouts. This site is managed by The Cable Company, which was founded in 1989 as a clearinghouse for information on new audio cables, and home of The Cable Library, a try-at-home cable evaluation service.

Through this site you can buy high quality used cables with our one year warranty. We also want to buy your used cables. Or you can exchange your cables for our cables. In all cases, you are buying from, or selling to, the UsedCable.com division of The Cable Company.

Contact us: 

To send an email, click here. To talk to a living human, call The Cable Company and ask for the usedcable desk. Telephone 215-862-4870 (Mon. - Fri. 10-6 Eastern time and 11-5 on Saturday). Fax: 215-862-4871, attn. usedcable desk.

Shipping costs: how much will it cost to ship my order?

Shipping costs: how much will it cost to ship my order?
Standard shipping rate is $7.99 for orders within the 48 contiguous United States, however, we will waive the freight charge for orders over $50 - FREE FREIGHT! Additional shipping fees apply to all orders shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, US Territories and Canada. Additional shipping fees also apply to all international orders. For more information, please read our shipping policy details below.
Freight costs will be calculated for your on-line and other orders using these guidelines:
Within the Continental USA :
           UPS/Fedex standard surface or USPS: first pound, $7.99 (FREE for orders over $50), each additional pound, $1.50
           3 day air: first pound, $14.95, each additional pound, $1.95
           2 day air: first pound, $17.95, each additional pound, $2.50
           Next day air: first pound, $25.95, each additional pound, $3.95

For shipments to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico only US Priority Mail, Express Mail, 2 Day and Next Day services are available.  Add $3.99 to any of the above rates to determine the freight cost for these shipments

International: Overseas customers can take full advantage of our services. For international orders freight costs will be  calculated using this schedule:

    *US Mail to Canada: $19.85 first pound + $2.95 for each additional pound (1kg=2.2 lb.)
    *Ground courier service (2-5 days) to Canada: $24.85 first pound + $2.95 for each additional pound (1kg=2.2 lb.)
    *Other International Airmail: $19.85 first pound + $5.95 for each additional pound
    *DHL/FEDEX/UPS Air Courier (W.Europe, Asia, Canada, Mexico): $38 first pound + $4.95 for each additional pound
    *DHL/FEDEX/UPS Air Courier (E. Europe, Remote Asia, Africa, South America): $48 first pound + $6.95 for each additional pound.

Express Mail EMS will be calculated at the same rates as DHL/UPS/FedEx  (above).

Delivery of Orders

The timing of deliveries for ordered products will depend on the product(s) being ordered and the freight method chosen. When you place an order, we will estimate delivery timing for you based on the availability of your items and the shipping options you choose. In some cases we will rely on information from our vendors in order to estimate delivery time. Delivery estimates will appear in our order confirmations. If you absolutely need your order by a date certain, please tell us!

Do you charge taxes?

All prices are quoted without taxes included. Unless you reside in Pennsylvania, we will not charge you for any taxes. Purchasers with a Pennsylvania shipping address will be charged 6% state sales tax. International purchases are free of all U.S. taxes. Local taxes are for the account of the purchaser.

Do you sell products other than used cables?

Great question! Our "parent" company, The Cable Company, is the world's leading retailer of high-performance specialty cables and also has special expertise in power line products, racks and resonance control, room acoustics, and the broadest range of accessory products. Both The Cable Company and sister company Ultra Systems also sell components.

There is a link to the Used Components area in our sister site, www.thecableco.com, just under the Cable Categories on the top left of our site.

Is there a warranty on my purchases?

Yes. All products purchased from our company will be repaired or replaced at our option should they malfunction under normal use within one year of purchase. In addition, we offer a 30-day full value exchange policy should you be unhappy with your purchase for any reason. In this case the merchandise must be returned in original purchase condition. The full purchase price of the merchandise (not including freight) will be applied to any purchase of equal or greater value from UsedCable.com, The Cable Company, or Ultra Systems, Inc. The customer is responsible for the cost of round trip shipping in the case of all returns.

How can I make payment?

Most of our customers submit their credit card numbers through our secure, encrypted order form. We accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, or JCB. You can also choose Paypal through our order form. If you prefer to make other payment arrangements, please tell us your preferred payment method.

Can you help me choose a cable for my components?

Our Cable Company staff is experienced in making cable recommendations based on the components being used. We are offering this same free consulting service to our UsedCable.com customers. Tell us what equipment you have, and the price range for the cables you need, and we will suggest your best options from the used cable listing. Click here to submit a consultation request.

Single cables or Pairs?

Quantities for speaker cables and interconnects are pairs unless clearly indicated that it is a "single channel cable."  So in nearly all cases 1 = 1 pair. Digital and Video cables, as well as Power Cords, are singles.

Used cable ratings for the condition.

Many of the cables we sell on our "used" list are actually new cables - overstock from other dealers or manufacturers, etc. New cables are coded "excellent." If a cable is in fact used, best it can be coded is "very good" = like new, but not actually new.

"Good" means a normal used cable -  normal usage; in good physical condition and fine electrical condition.

"Fair" means not in good physical condition, but good electrically. Maybe some discoloration of the jacket, worn connectors, outer mesh jacket frayed or slightly pulled away from the connector, etc.

We don't sell anything not in good electrical condition, and furthermore, we offer the following one year warranty on used products: all products purchased from our company will be repaired or replaced at our option should they malfunction under normal use within one year of purchase.

Do you buy used cables and accept trade-ins?

Yes. To determine the value of your products for sale or exchange, please complete special form: "Submit a Product for Sale to usedcable.com."  We will email back our offering price to purchase your cables or their value as an exchange.

Do you take requests?

If you are looking for a specific cable, which does not appear on our list, please complete the "Product Request Form." We will contact you when the cable becomes available.

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