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Synergistic Research Tesla Precision Reference (RCA) with MPC, 10ft/3m pair Interconnect cables

by Synergistic Research


Includes 120v MPC power supply for Active Shielding. Add $99 for 230v version of MPC.

10ft/3m pair



Regular $3,900.00

SALE $1,398.00


The original TESLA cable, now called the Precision Reference is extremely fast with an ultra dynamic presentation of low frequencies and seeming limitless air. TESLA Precision Reference consists of dual Tricon geometries along with PMC (Pure Mono Crystal) Silver conductors, which is the purest form of TESLA technology. Precision Reference interconnect presents truly amazing detail and signal speed in a way that is also extremely natural and musical. The sound is HUGE with amazing air that seems to decay into infinity. In addition to selected conductor material and geometry TESLA Precision Reference interconnects combine a brand new unique Zero Capacitance Active Shielding circuitry which actually prevents phase shift anomolies throughout the bandwidth in signal transfer. The result is a much lower noise floor, blacker background and accurate images that just seem to hang in the air.Usage: TESLA Precision Reference is perfect for components whose strengths are speed, dynamics, transparency and as a pre-amplifier to power amplifier interconnect in upper end systems. It can be further applied to systems by combining it with either Acoustic Reference, Apex or Accelerator interconnects between a source component and pre-amp with the Precision Reference interconnect running from pre-amp to power amp.

Active Shielding: Zero Capacitance Apex Active Shielding is the ultimate in detail and transparency with four active geometries for mid-range warmth, liquidity and three dimensionality of soundstage.

Geometry: 2 x TriconConductors: 6 x PMC Silver

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  • Synergistic Research  Tesla Precision Reference (RCA) with MPC,   10ft/3m pair  Interconnect cables
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