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Synergistic Research Element Tungsten (Spades) with Gray, Silver Enigma Tuning Modules and 120v MPC 8ft/2.5m pair Speaker cables

by Synergistic Research


Includes 120v MPC power supply for Active Shielding. Add $99 for 230v version of MPC.

8ft/2.5m pair



Regular $2,800.00

SALE $1,295.00


The Element Series is an offshoot from our cost no object Galileo Research Program that developed the World s highest performance audio cables. Direct trickle down technologies include the world s first use of an Active Shielded Air Dielectric, the use of Tungsten as a signal conductor and Enigma Tuning Bullets that allow you to custom match Element Cables to complement your system. These combined technologies enable us to build entry level Element Series cables that outperform our prior top of the line models at a fraction of the price

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