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Synergistic Research Element CTS Copper /Tungsten/Silver Analogue AC (15 Amp IEC) with 120v MPC and UEF Tuning Modules 5ft/1.5m Power cables

by Synergistic Research


Includes 120v MPC power supply for Active Shielding. Add $99 for 230v version of MPC.




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Synergistic Research Element CTS Analogue AC CordElement C.T.S. Analogue & Digital Power Cords combine all three elements from our Element Research Program. With over 20 years research in high current power cord technology, Element C.T.S. Analogue and Element C.T.S. Digital are the world s highest performance power cords for digital and analogue components.Element C.T.S. Analogue combines Copper Air Strings for powerful bass energy and musicality, Tungsten Air Strings for amazing holographic soundstaging and high frequency extension, and pure Silver Air Strings for refinement, speed, and life-like acoustic decay. To handle extreme current demands, including 1,000 watt mono block amplifiers, C.T.S. Analogue has four high current geometries running in parallel, expressly designed to meet the demands of even the largest Class A amplifiers, while preserving pristine detail from less demanding loads and components. Element C.T.S. Analogue perfectly blends warmth, liquidity, and musicality, with dynamics, precise imaging and high frequency air and extension; The hallmark sound of Element C.TSynergistic Research Enigma Tuning CircuitsElement C.T.S. Analogue is the perfect choice for pre-amplifiers and power amplifiers, and can be combined with Element Copper Tungsten when system balance calls for a more pin-point front row presentation.

Synergistic Research G07 AC Wall Plugs and IEC PlugsConstruction9 Geometries in parallel:(1) Handmade Actively Shielded Pure Copper Air String(1) Handmade Actively Shielded Pure Tungsten Air String(1) Handmade Actively Shielded Pure Silver Air String(1) High Current Tricon(4) Silver Matrix High Current GeometriesTermination(1) G-07 Gold Signal Path Wall Plug, available in 120V and 220V Schuko versions(1) G-07 Gold Signal Path IEC component connectionActive ShieldingPowered by (1) MPC 24V DC power supply (included)3 Enigma Tuning Circuits for Active Shielding:(1) Black: warmest balance(1) Silver: open and airy high frequencies(1) Grey: Hybrid of Black and SilverConstruction NotesElement C.T.S. Analogue is 100% handmade in our California factory, build time is 10 hours.

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  • Synergistic Research  Element CTS Copper /Tungsten/Silver Analogue AC (15 Amp IEC) with 120v  MPC and UEF Tuning Modules  5ft/1.5m  Power cables
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