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Synergistic Research Blue UEF 12awg (15 Amp IEC) 5ft/1.5m Power cables

by Synergistic Research

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UEF Blue Power Cable - True Blue.

Imagine the performance of our award-winning SR Blue Fuse including a dramatic lowering of your system’s noise floor, a significant increase in your system’s soundstage scale and layering, and improved dynamics with a big boost in musicality and refinement. Now imagine a state-of-the-art power cable that beats some of the most expensive power cords in the world at a down to earth price you can afford. The UEF Blue Power Cable is hand built in our California factory with Blue Fuse technology including Blue Fuse UEF / Graphene Shielding for a dramatic increase in resolution and holographic realism, and the Blue Fuses’ conditioning process that dramatically reduces break-in time so you enjoy an immediate increase in system performance without the wait. If you’re a veteran audiophile with extensive power cord experience you’ll find the Blue Power Cable to offer a precise yet musical resolution with a low noise floor and easy listening that just sound’s right, right out of the box. And if you’re new to aftermarket power cords, you’ll be amazed at its transformative impact. Available in 12 AWG and a 10 AWG high current variant. All Blue Power Cables are sold with a no question’s asked money back guarantee through participating authorized Synergistic Research retailers.

UEF Matrix Shield with Graphene - Matrix shielding.

Atmosphere X began when we started exploring ways to improve our UEF Shielding by applying UEF Technology first developed for our BLUE Fuses to Atmosphere Series cables. By placing UEF Tech in a grid pattern on the shields of Atmosphere cables we were able to dramatically lower the noise floor with a surprising increase in musicality or the subjective enjoyment of music. We then began a painstaking double-blind 6-month trial where we would listen to seemingly identical cables marked with random alphanumeric codes to conceal differing patterns of UEF Tech inside each prototype cable and record which options elicited the strongest responses among a control group of listeners. By gauging actual emotional response we were able to isolate grid patterns that better conveyed the essence of music. We would then build on these patterns to find additional patterns that performed better than the last. In this way, our latest shielding technology is highly evolved from anything we have ever done before with each shield pattern selected for its ability to not only lower a cable’s noise floor, but to also convey a greater sense of musical enjoyment. The net result is the most advanced shielding technology we have ever developed with each model in the Atmosphere X Series gaining a special shielding pattern that best compliments the geometries of ALIVE, EXCITE and EUPHORIA.

UEF Blue 12awg Power Cable specifications:

3 each 12 awg. SR Copper:

  • Dielectric: (EPDM) Ethylene Propylene
  • Connector Input US: 1 each Synergistic Research C07 Pure Copper
  • Connector Input Int’l: 1 each Synergistic Research C07 Pure Copper
  • Connector Output US: Synergistic Research G07 Gold IEC 15 amp
  • Connector Output Int’l: Synergistic Research G07 Gold IEC 15 amp

Build Notes:

  • Atmosphere Level 2 UEF Matrix Shielding: UEF coating with Graphene is applied directly to connectors significantly reducing the noise floor and allowing a purer signal to transfer with less grain providing more warmth and detail
  • Silver Solder: 4%
  • Hand build time: 2 hours
  • Quantum Tunneling: Post Production process, 1 million volts are passed through finished cable providing a “canal” that allows electrons to pass more freely through conductor material and connections
  • Secondary UEF Blue Treatment originally developed for SR Blue Fuses
  • Handmade in our California factory

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  • Synergistic Research  Blue UEF 12awg (15 Amp IEC)  5ft/1.5m  Power cables
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