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Synergistic Research Atmosphere X Level 3 Euphoria High Current (20 Amp IEC) 5ft/1.5m Power cables

by Synergistic Research

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Atmosphere X Euphoria High Current Power Cables are engineered for maximum current delivery and are perfect for power hungry monoblocks, Class A amplifiers, power conditioners, and line strips. Sharing all design traits as found in the standard Euphoria X power cords save for heavier gauge, Euphoria High Current power cords have a denser sonic balance that may be preferred in some systems when used on lower current demand components. All conductors, wall and IEC connectors, shields and the same Swiss-Made power supply found in our Galileo SX power cords are then treated with our amazing Blue Fuse treatment process, and this gives Atmosphere X Euphoria a lower noise floor than is possible from the more conventional power supply and geometries found in Excite. Additionally, Euphoria’s geometry gets a boost from one more pure Silver Air String for a sound that has increased air and finesse. Another trickle-down performance upgrade from Galileo SX is the inclusion of a Ground Plane encased in the carbon fiber tube. And there’s an option to ground Euphoria’s Swiss power supply and shields to a Synergistic Research Active Ground Block, this is perhaps the most significant upgrade that dramatically reduces your system’s noise floor for increased dynamics and emotional involvement in your music. As with Galileo SX custom tuning is achieved through the use of a Gold UEF Tuning Module that adds warmth and bloom or when not connected the cable has a leaner balance. Of course, the choice of whether or not to use the Gold Tuning Module is yours, giving you the option to custom tune the sound of Euphoria to complement your system.

UEF Cell Swiss made power supply.
Each Atmosphere Level 3 Power Cable contains a Swiss-made power supply and Quantum capacitors to generates the 30 Volt DC bias necessary for Active Shielding, eliminating the need for messy external wiring and cumbersome wall warts. Performance is further enhanced by the introduction of UEF technology built into the power supply and cable shielding for an incredibly low noise floor.

Red and Gold Tuning Redefining refinement
The Atmosphere Level 3 Power Cables active shielding is voiced with a single Red UEF Active Circuit. Also, included is a Gold, passive UEF Tuning Module. The UEF Tuning Module is connected to the cable shields and contours the sound of your cables by changing the way your cables resonate. By altering the resonance between signal and ground conductors you take control of the sonic balance of your cables and in the process, the overall sound of your system.


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  • Synergistic Research  Atmosphere X Level 3 Euphoria High Current (20 Amp IEC)  5ft/1.5m  Power cables
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