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Stealth Audio Indra Rev. 8 (RCA) Single Channel Only 3ft/1m Interconnect cables

by Stealth Audio

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Single Channel Only with certificate




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*Amorphous conductive media (wire) - which is perfectly homogeneous, grain-less – i.e. identical in all directions, since it has no crystal structure at all;

*Ultra thin wire (0.001" - i.e. one-thousands of an inch thick, in the Indra case. Thin wire is important for: a) minimizing skin effect and time-domain errors (no harshness in the upper midrange and treble, and clean, well defined bass); b) helping us deal with the resonant properties* of the assembled cable;

* Individually insulated strands * - to eliminate direct electrical contact, i.e. galvanic interaction between strands – otherwise a cable constructed of multiple bare strands behaves like a single thicker wire;

*Low energy storage dielectric: porous - i.e. foam-like Teflon. This material has the lowest dielectric constant of all solid and semi-solid materials. Low dielectric constant = low energy storage = fast sound. Only vacuum and gases (air, Helium) have still lower dielectric constants, but porous Teflon has an advantage over any gas which is in its mechanical properties: porous Teflon mechanically dampens the wire, while air or Helium does not...

*Proprietary non-resonant cable geometry: distributed LITZ**

*Mechanical resonance control (dielectric and jacketing mechanical properties: optimized density and damping. Too much damping usually sterilizes and deadens the sound. Too little damping is even worse since it's prone to excessive “ringing” (unwanted resonances).

*Characteristic impedance control (optimum relationships among capacitance, inductance and DC resistance) - the Indra’ characteristic impedance and its resonant behavior (“Q” at RF frequencies) is different from the vest majority of other cables.

*Proprietary STEALTH RCA and XLR connectors - custom and highly advanced; very low overall mass, solid silver contacts, machined Teflon dielectric, Carbon Fiber/Titanium shells, Kevlar support:

*Advanced termination technique (high pressure crimping = cold weld) – a direct contact = seamless transition between the wire and the contact – no intermediate agent (solder) involved.

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  • Stealth Audio  Indra Rev. 8 (RCA) Single Channel Only  3ft/1m  Interconnect cables
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