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Shunyata Research Cobra Ztron (Spades) 10ft/3m pair Speaker cables

by Shunyata Research

Very Good

Shunyata speaker cable connections are modular, meaning it is easy to swap out spades for bananas. Extra connectors available for separate purchase.

10ft/3m pair



Regular $2,327.00

SALE $1,398.00


Manufacturer's Description:PowerSnakes line of signal cables possess a series of technology advances unlike any cable product in the industry. These advances in science allow all PowerSnakes interconnects and speaker cables to offer state-of-the-art performance at prices that cannot be equaled by any competitor. Instead of pouring money into marketing, packaging, trade-in programs and lopsided dealer discounts, Shunyata has spent the vast majority of its intellectual property on new definable material technology and science innovation. The results of these investments are apparent in the range of PowerSnakes Signal Cable Technologies below, as well as their real-world retail prices and hear-it-to-believe-it performance!

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