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Chord Company Odyssey 2 (Bananas) 10ft/3m pair Speaker cables

by Chord Company

Very Good


10ft/3m pair



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Odyssey: A bigger version of Chord Rumour. The materials and the design are identical but Odyssey uses a heavier gauge 12 AWG conductor. It is an extremely affordable, high end speaker cable. Good enough to win the Hi-fi News Award for Best Speaker Cable five years in a row. Ideal for floor standing and difficult to drive loudspeakers where the heavier gauge conductors bring control and definition. Particularly good at dealing with systems where the bass requires an extra degree of control. Like Rumour, Odyssey has remained unchanged and part of our product range since 1998 when it was introduced. Conductor: Silver plated OFCInsulation: PTFEConfiguration: Twisted pairShielding: NoneAWG: 12mm2: 3.31Overall dia: 8mm

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