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Snake River Audio Silver Adder (WBT Silver Spades) 8ft/2.5m pair Speaker cables

by Snake River Audio

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8ft/2.5m pair



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ADDER Speaker Cables

•Made with our own "Snake River Audio" high quality pure silver (.999) wiring

•Adder speaker cables are available with WBT© silver nextgen spades, angled or straight banana plugs

•Available in lengths of one and a half meters, two meters, and three meters.

•Sold by the pair with matching serial numbers

•Certificate of Authenticity included

•Due to the rapidly rising cost of precious metals in recent times, as well as the wide variety of options available for your Adder speaker cables - please call us at 208-724-5152 for current pricing. Thank you for your understanding.

Just like our Adder power cables, our Adder speaker cables are truly a work of passion. We start by taking our own high quality, pure silver (.999) wire. Not just one or two, but SIX strands are double-weaved to create a heavy, 14 gauge wire. But that's not enough. We cover this heavy combination wire with a sublime ether-based polyurethane coating. These lines are then anti-parallel braided to minimize cross-contamination, creating superior integration and protection that is unrivaled. But we're still not through! This amalgamation is then covered by an abrasive-resistant, eye-catching nylon braiding. WBT Silver Nextgen spades, or banana plugs, either angled or straight, make our Adders truly the unrivaled best silver speaker cables on the market today!

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  • Snake River Audio  Silver Adder (WBT Silver Spades)  8ft/2.5m pair  Speaker cables
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