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PS Audio AC-12 (15 Amp IEC) 5ft/1.5m Power Cables

by PS Audio

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Manufacturer's Description:

Our finest power cable we make. The PerfectWave AC-12 sets a new standard for high-end aftermarket power cables at any price. 8 gauge, PCOCC single crystal, quad shielding, multiple gauge and shaped conductors, solid machined connectors. Perfect AC power is a critical requirement for high-performance audio/video systems. Delivering that power to your equipment, without loss, is the job of the AC power cable. The low noise, high-speed design of the AC-12 is based on 5 patents and years of listening and engineering. The PerfectWave series brings a new level of refined beauty, power and spacious performance to high-end, high-performance systems. It helps connected equipment enjoy a breathtaking openness, with quick transients combined with a warmth and richness that we have never before experienced.


8 gauge

Superior noise reduction

Fast transient response

Low magnetic properties

Multiple gauge conductors

Flat and circular conductors

PCOCC Single Crystal Copper

Cold and hot welded construction

Nickel over copper prongs

Connectors machined from a solid billet

Quad shielding

Removable ground pinBenefits

Lowest noise AC cable yet

* Instant current availability

* Low dynamic restriction

* Evenly distributed noise cancellation

* High surface area conductors

Reduced grain boundaries

Eliminate ground loops

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  • PS Audio  AC-12 (15 Amp IEC)  5ft/1.5m  Power Cables
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