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Alpha Design Labs (Furutech) Formula 2 (USB Mini A to B) 4ft/1.2m Digital cables
Alpha Design Labs: 7785
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Furutech has created a high performance entry level 2.0 USB cable for this purpose. They begin with silver-plated (Alpha) OFC conductors and a special-grade high-density polyethylene insulation/dielectric. As illustrated below the Formula 2 features three-layer shielding and specially engineered 24k gold-plated USB 2.0 connectors. As with the more highly specified GT2 and GT3, the cable wrap includes damping and insulating materials keeping mechanical ringing from affecting the sound. A carefully engineered clamp improves grip and keeps both mechanical and electrical distortion at bay. The result is much as you will hear from our GT2 USB cable: Clear and open highs, elegant midrange textures, powerful but in-control bass, an enhanced sense of the sheer palpability of the music you ll enjoy.

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Length: 4ft/1.2m
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