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Synergistic Research Tesla Subwoofer Reference (RCA) Includes 120v Active Shielding Power Supply MPC 26.5ft/8m Subwoofer cables
Synergistic Research: 7753
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Manufacturer's Description: TESLA Reference Active Subwoofer cable is the choice for state-of-the-art audio and home theater systems. For systems whose performance potential warrants the high level of resolve these cables offer, no other subwoofer cable can compare. Simply put, TESLA Reference is not for every system as most systems are not capable of revealing the level of detail TESLA Reference can deliver. For those systems Phase II will be the correct choice. But for a select few systems, TESLA Reference will deliver performance that is as big a leap forward when compared to Phase II Active Subwoofer cable as Phase I Active Subwoofer cable is when compared to Alpha Sterling Active Subwoofer cable. Of course hearing is believing, so compare Phase II Active Subwoofer cables to TESLA Reference Active Subwoofer cables in your system before making your decision. Geometry: Dual (Active) Conductors: Silver Matrix Alloy

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Comments: Includes 120v Active Shielding Power Supply MPC. Add $199 for 230v version of MPC.
Condition: Good
Length: 26.5ft/8m
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