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Synergistic Research Element CTS Copper/Tungsten/Silver (RCA) 3ft/1m Digital cables
Synergistic Research: 7645
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Manufacturer's Description: The new Element Series digital cables are here! The line of digital cables consist of: Element Copper Available in RCA or AES/EBU Element Tungsten Available in RCA or AES/EBU Element CTS Available in RCA or AES/EBU Enigma Tuning Bullets Beginning Jan. 1, 2014, all Active SR cables are shipping with their new UEF Tuning Modules. In this new higher performance series only Gray and Silver Tuning Modules are available (Black has been discontinued as it was little used in practice.) These new modules can be used with any older Active Cables which had provision for Tuning Modules, and are available separately at a cost of $150 per cable for two modules $250 for a pair of cables- 4 modules.

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Comments: Includes Black, Gray, Silver Enigma Tuning Modules. Add $75 per cable/ $150 per cable pair for upgrade Gray and Silver UEF Tuning Modules. Also includes 120v Active Shielding Power Supply MPC.
Condition: Good
Length: 3ft/1m
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