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Audience AU24 Digital (RCA) 3ft/1m Digital cables
Audience: 7577
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Manufacturer's Description: The idea of cables as components is a controversial subject. There are many who think that "wire is wire" and don't accept that cables can either optimize or compromise the performance of an audio system. Traditional tests for difference in cable reveal little if any electrical differences between brands. However, the human ear/brain is a far more sensitive and discriminating test apparatus and deciphers differences in cable brands rather easily. Audience Conductor and AU 24 cable products are the end result of years of research into what matters most in an audio system, true fidelity to the signal without artificial embellishments or unwarranted voicing. Audience cables are not off the shelf items that have been adapted for use in an audio system, they are products that have been designed to actually preserve the audio signal in the least damaging fashion possible. Finally, Audience cables do not sport the most impressive looking connectors or overly large outer jacketing. More often than not, the connectors that look best sound bad and can actually degrade performance. Fanciful jacketing is an added cost passed on to the end user and often obscures what lies inside, while simple yet elegant in appearance, Audience cables are designed to reach the highest level of performance.

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