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Audience AU24 SE LP (15 Amp) 6ft/1.75m Power cables
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AU24 SE LP is a new model that was designed for high performance components ( cd players, DAC's, integrated amps up to 50 wpc, tuners, etc). This cable is a 16 awg version of the AU24 SE with the same high purity, single crystal copper in a low impedence, low resistance, multi-strand design. The new LP uses the Cardas rhodium plated iec and wall plug that used in all of the SE power cords. The AU24 SE LP is also available with a c7 iec connector for those customers that have video devices as well as other low curerent components that utilize a C7 connector and want the best in a high performance powerchord. The SE-i version of the Au24 PowerChords use new proprietary power connectors, rather than the Cardas versions, resulting in an even smoother and more refined musical presentation. The additional cost of the alternate connectors is +$80 each, therefore $160 for the terminated cable. All prior Au24 and Au24 SE powerChords be upgraded to SE-i for $400 including termation costs.

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