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Analysis Plus Copper Oval-In Micro (XLR) 5ft/1.5m pair Interconnect cables
Analysis Plus: 7351
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Manufacturer's Description: The new MICRO Copper Oval-IN packs a lot in a small cross-sectional area. Three 18 gauge conductors and TEFLON dielectric in a micro design give great performance in a compact design. These interconnects were designed using our patented hollow oval gepmetry to control current density in a form suitable for braiding from pure oxygen free copper. The signal lines are then wrapped with a shield to provide protection from EMI/RFI. THe result is a super quiet, extremely neutral cable, priced well within any budget. RCA connectors are standard, with a balanced version featuring Neutrik XLR connectors available as an option.

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Condition: Very Good
Length: 5ft/1.5m pair
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