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Audience AU24 'SE-i MP' (15 Amp) 5ft/1.5m Power cables
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The AU24 SE MP which is designed for medium power usage ( 50-150 wpc amplifiers, receivers, higher current pre-amps) which provides the high performance characteristics of the AU24 SE power cord in a 14AWG configuration.? This should also be an exceptional choice for upgrading the power cord on a high performance subwoofer. The SE-i version of the Au24 PowerChords use new proprietary power connectors, rather than the Cardas versions, resulting in an even smoother and more refined musical presentation. The additional cost of the alternate connectors is +$80 each, therefore $160 for the terminated cable. All prior Au24 and Au24 SE powerChords be upgraded to SE-i for $400 including termation costs.

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