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Audience AU24 'SE' Subwoofer Cable with RCA 10ft/3m Subwoofer cables
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Audience is proud to offer the SE version of the highly-regarded Au24 series audio interconnects. Audience has always eschewed the jewelry aspect of audio connectors, and instead placed emphasis on those with the best possible sound. In the same engineering spirit of its predecessors, the new SE RCA cables represent a dramatically improved product. The new connector has superior metallurgy, improved looks, and provides a more secure connection than was previously available. In addition, this connector is even lower mass than previous models (Au24 and Au24e). In terms of audible performance, the SE is nothing short of breathtaking. While all of the sonic attributes which have made Au24 cables the favorites of music lovers the world over, the new SE cable offers much more transparency, a more convincing sound stage, and better focus than ever before. The end result is a wholesale upgrade in performance over the Au24e model.

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Comments: Single Channel For Subwoofer
Condition: Very Good
Length: 10ft/3m
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