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Audience AU24 'SE' Powerchord with Schuko/Euro Wall Plug 5ft/1.5m Power cables
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John McDonald, the president of Audience cables, has been in business for several decades, but he isn t someone who makes a big fuss about the properties of his cables. They re slim and unpretentious, even dare I say it? unprepossessing, at least visually. All this is intentional. Audience cables follow a low-mass/low-eddy-current design that ensures they look as if they ve been put on a starvation diet next to some of the hulking monsters out there. Those audiophiles who equate performance with bulk and heft probably wouldn t give Audience much of an audience. But does size really matter when it comes to cables? Does bulk determine performance? Is it imperative to have cables the length and girth of pythons snaking around your audio gear? Judging by the sonic qualities of Audience s latest offerings, the answer has to be a resounding no. Over the past few months, I ve had the opportunity to sample the company s latest interconnects, as well as speaker and power cables. And its new line represents a substantial leap beyond the Audience cables that favorably impressed me a few years ago particularly when it comes to power cables. Audience s build-quality has always been exemplary it s a sophisticated company that sells high-quality capacitors, power conditioners, and, not least, loudspeakers but quite frankly I wasn t expecting the degree of improvement that these new wires offer across the board. Whether on the dCS Vivaldi CD/SACD playback system or on preamps and phonostages, improve things they did, and not by a small margin.

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