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Nordost MoonGlo 2 (AES/EBU) 3ft/1m Digital cables
Nordost: 6129
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Moonglo digital interconnects are a unique product designed to eliminate the effects of mechanical noise and resonance found in digital signal cables. Both versions consist of two separate Teflon coax cables. Each coax contains a silver-plated, multi-filament center conductor. This is covered with a layer of Teflon, which is in turn shielded with a layer of silver. This is then covered with a layer of extruded Teflon. The coaxes are twisted together with two cushioned filaments of Teflon and jacketed with another layer of Teflon. This is a superb way of eliminating timing errors, jitter, and mechanical noise in the cable. Each cable is terminated with Moonglo RCA connectors. This interconnect is also available with AES/EBU connectors. Moonglo is a very detailed and fast cable with incredible imaging.

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