800 FAT-WYRE (328-9973)

Synergistic Research Firewire 800 Active SE with Mini Power Coupler (9pin-9pin) 6ft./1.8m Digital cables
Synergistic Research: 5957
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Digital Power Tools The World s first Active USB 2.0 Cable, Active Firewire 800 and Active Thunderbolt Cables from Synergistic Research are just some of the new products in the Digital Power Tools category . The release of the first Digital Power Tool started with the introduction of The Music Cable an award winning plug-and-play computer audio solution followed by The Tranquility Base and and now, a full line of Actively shielded digital cables engineered and voiced for computer audio USB 2.0, Firewire 800 and Thunderbolt digital cables: b sik USB Active USB Active SE with Enigma tuning circuits Firewire 800 Active SE with Enigma tuning circuits Thunderbolt Active SE with Enigma tuning circuits The Music Cable paired with a Computer Audio server, ie a Mac Mini and an outboard Hard Drive connected via our Active Firewire 800 or Active Thunderbolt cable all set atop of a single Tranquility Base takes your computer audio system to a performance level you never thought possible

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Comments: Includes 120v Active Shielding Power Supply MPC.
Condition: Good
Length: 6ft./1.8m
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