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Furutech G-320Ag-18 6ft/1.8m Power cables
Furutech: 5566
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Furutech introduces the G-320Ag-18, the perfect replacement for the low-quality "throw-away" power cords supplied with most modern video displays. It'll deliver superior performance from "stock" cords in every respect imaginable! Specifications: Twisted 3 core high end performance power cable Red- 37 strands of 0.26mm silver-plated (Alpha) OFC Conductor Yellow -37 strands of 0.26mm silver-plated (Alpha)OFC Conductor Green- 37 strands of 0.26mm (Alpha) OFC Conductor Insulation: Polyethylene (Red/Natural/Yellow) 3.5mm diameter Fillers: Cotton with paper tape wrap Sheath: Flexible PVC (Burgundy) approx. 10mm diameter

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Length: 6ft/1.8m
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