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Nirvana PC+MB (15 Amp IEC) 5ft/1.5m Power cables

by Nirvana






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Manufacturer's Description:Nirvana Power Cords: There s something to be said for experimenting every day with different types of cable assemblies. The more you learn, the more you realize that you need to learn. One thing is definite; no one power cable can address everyone s needs. And there is no one Best Power Cord. It all breaks down to system compatibility. For this reason, we ve decided to add to our current line-up of power cords.With that said, let me introduce the PC+MB: This cord follows on our 5conductor model that has been so very successful. It consists of 2 pair of hot & neutral wires wrapped together to reduce RFI & EMI. The hot and neutral wires are separated at the termination points to accomplish two hot and two neutral points of termination. 5 conductor plus shield. Current carrying OFC conductors feature reverse helix wire geometry with FEP

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  • Nirvana  PC+MB (15 Amp IEC)  5ft/1.5m  Power cables
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