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JPS Labs Aluminata (15 Amp IEC) 5ft/1.5m Power cables

by JPS Labs

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The Aluminata AC Power Cable touts technology in function and design that other power cords cannot approach, and as always builds upon previous JPSdesigns. They begin with a huge but flexible 8 gauge high-purity JPS alloy conductor, one of the largest conductors known to high-end power cords, allwrapped in a Kapton jacket. JPS is the first A/V cable company in the world to utilize this high-tech, very expensive and rare aerospace insulation insuch high-end cable designs. Conbined with our conductors, it offers a TOTAL LACK of spectral smearing of highs and lack of midrange glare, with an abilityto extend yet define low frequency bass response like no other AC cord. Our unique conductors are then specially assembled by our trademark Optimized FieldMatrix (OFM) design parameters, which take into account conductor size, dielectric thickness and constant, potential noise frequencies and amplitude,capacitance, inductance, and many other factors, combined into our proprietary formula to allow for optimum performance with almost any piece in any systemor environment.

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  • JPS Labs  Aluminata (15 Amp IEC)  5ft/1.5m  Power cables
  • JPS Labs  Aluminata (15 Amp IEC)  5ft/1.5m  Power cables
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