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Synergistic Research Tesla Vortex Phono (RCA) 5ft/1.5m Phono cables

by Synergistic Research






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Tesla Cable Technologies: TESLA Vortex, Acoustic and Tricon GeometriesAlong the path to discovering the TESLA Tricon Lens, I made significant improvements to existing designs that had been evolving for 15 years. I found I could take existing geometries and re-work them to include precise reformulations of conductor spacing based on the TESLA Tricon Lens formula, for a significant improvement in overall performance. This would later prove invaluable when finalizing the new TESLA Line of cables, and gave birth to two new cable building blocks: the TESLA Vortex geometry and the TESLA Acoustic geometry. Together, the Vortex, Acoustic, and Tricon cables form the TESLA Triad of geometries that are the building blocks for the revolutionary new TESLA Series.

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  • Synergistic Research  Tesla Vortex Phono  (RCA)  5ft/1.5m   Phono cables
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