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Jena Labs 916 (15 Amp IEC) 6ft/1.8m Power cables

by Jena Labs

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  General features of our AC power cords.

•Practical functionality and safety with predictable results from industrial grade components.

•Full-immersion cryogenic treatment of critical electrical performance parts

•Fabrication to the highest standards exceeding all conventions for their AC rated use.

•Clamped connector ends and exceptional electrical connectivity with Cardas Quad Eutectic soldering.

•Wire is finest stranded copper TFFN machine tool grade available anywhere.

•Basic Cryo Power Cord uses Seoprene® (Mil Spec) for the cord material.

•T he Ferrite Power Cord uses a special compound surrounding the wires, a unique feature designed to help eliminate line hash and noise 

•Connectors are internally filled with a high-grade dielectric potting that results in extreme durability and very long life.

•Our standards in braiding conventions result in far greater flexibility than the usual expectations in audio power cords.

•EVERY power cord is handmade and hand-tested for correct polarity and functionality under real AC power conditions.

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  • Jena Labs  916 (15 Amp IEC)  6ft/1.8m  Power cables
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