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Zu Audio Varial MK 3 (RCA) 6.5ft/2m pair Interconnect cables

by Zu Audio



6.5ft/2m pair



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Varial-RCA was introduced in 2001, second generation mark-two in 2002 and mark-three was introduced in March 2004. Refinements have been made to the cable geometry (better field relations within our B3 model), conductor area and metallurgy, as well as shielding and dielectric materials.Mk.I [2001] The original Varial-RCA featured custom made RCA connectors using Cardas made silver plated RCA tip and tulip.Mk.II [Q3 2002] Added aluminum shielding to further safeguard signal from RF noise. This change was easy to identify as the observer can see silver glints through the black sheathing. No change in cable geometry.Mk.III [Q2 2004 2015] Change in cables geometry and resulting impedance. Also, higher conductance copper/tin shielding replaced the coarse aluminum; and change to the RCA plugs, from a solder type silver plated RCA to a solderless gold plated locking-type RCA. All versions were able to be ordered with or without the machined V-block which captured left and right cables together to prevent the matched pair from being mixed up.

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  • Zu Audio  Varial MK 3 (RCA)  6.5ft/2m pair  Interconnect cables
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