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Synergistic Research Tesla Acoustic Reference with MPC (XLR) 3ft/1m pair Interconnect cables

by Synergistic Research


Includes 120v MPC power supply for Active Shielding. Add $99 for 230v version of MPC.

3ft/1m pair



Regular $1,995.00

SALE $775.00


The TESLA Acoustic Reference Active Interconnects combine one Tricon geometry with one Acoustic geometry for a sonic balance that enhances mid-range bloom and allows for greater air when compared to Accelerator. It is the perfect cable for listeners seeking increased mid-range presence and low frequency weight. The Acoustic Reference interconnect presents music with a slightly rounder and musical pace when compared to either Precision Reference or Accelerator interconnects; without sacrificing extension at the frequency extremes. Acoustic Reference should be used first as a source to pre amp interconnect to create a more tube like balance with either Accelerator or Precision Reference interconnects running from pre amp to power amp. Lastly, Acoustic Reference can be used throughout the signal path when a warm musical balance is desired. The Acoustic Reference features Quantum Tunneling, Zero Capacitance Active Shielding as well as one Tricon and one Acoustic geometry.

Usage: Solid State or Tubes, Acoustic Reference interconnects will provide a musical presentation without losing frequency extension. A tube-like bloom is combined with presence and pace bettering the classic Synergistic Research strengths of image liquidity, mid range-bloom and harmonic texture. Acoustic Reference should be used between source components as well as pre-amp to amp applications.

Active Shielding: Zero Capacitance Active Shielding is the ultimate in detail and transparency with two active geometries for mid-range warmth, liquidity and three dimensionality of soundstage.

Geometry: 1 x Tricon / 1 x AcousticConductors: 3 x PMC Silver / 2 x Silver Matrix

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  • Synergistic Research  Tesla Acoustic Reference with MPC (XLR)  3ft/1m pair  Interconnect cables
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