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Synergistic Research Tesla Accelerator (XLR) with MPC 5ft/1.5m pair Interconnect cables

by Synergistic Research

Very Good

Includes 120v Active Shielding Power Supply MPC. Add $99 for 230v version of MPC.

5ft/1.5m pair



Regular $1,490.00

SALE $598.00


Tesla Accelerators are the first interconnects in the Tesla line to employ all three Tesla Technologies - Zero Capacitance Active Shielding, Quantum Tunneling and the revolutionary new Tricon geometry, which eliminates phase distortion caused by electromagnetic interaction between conductors. Accelerator interconnects enable your components to transfer detail information with harmonic richness and holographic imaging not found in cables costing two to three times their price. This is an excellent all round interconnect with a natural balance compatible with a wide variety of electronics - tube and solid state. The Accelerator combines one Tricon geometry for speed, detail, dynamics, pinpoint soundstaging and air with one Vortex geometry for mid-range bloom, smoothness and low frequency weight. Since Accelerators employ a true balanced cable geometry they are perfect for long runs even in single ended applications. Systems seeking more warmth can combine one Accelerator between Pre and Power amps with one Vortex interconnect running from source component to pre amp. Systems seeking more midrange bloom and a fuller rounder bass should combine Accelerator again between pre to power amp with Acoustic Reference running from source component to pre amp. Usage: Solid State or Tubes, Tesla Accelerator interconnects have an extremely wide and linear frequency presentation perfect for all signal applications. Accelerator combines the ability for pinpoint imaging, inner detail, signal speed, musical pace, low frequency impact and extension while bettering the classic Synergistic Research strengths of image liquidity, mid range-bloom and harmonic texture. Interfaces between source components as well as pre-amp to amp applications. Active Shielding: Tesla Zero Capacitance Active Shielding is the ultimate in detail and transparency with advanced dual active geometries for added mid-range warmth, increased liquidity and endless three dimensionality of soundstage. Colors: Stealth Black, Gold Dragon Terminations: RCA, XLR MPC: Includes one Mini Power Coupler for Active Shielding. Recommandations : "Product of the Year" The Absolute Sound

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  • Synergistic Research  Tesla Accelerator (XLR) with MPC  5ft/1.5m pair  Interconnect cables
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