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Shunyata Research Python Ztron (XLR) 3ft/1m pair Interconnect cables

by Shunyata Research



3ft/1m pair



Regular $1,500.00

SALE $855.00


The Python Interconnects are the first product to introduce theZtron . The science dwarfs the performance impact of any other material, geometry or design traditionally associated with the manufacture high-end signal cable products.Shunyata's significant science advances make the Python a lethal weapon in the war on all over-priced wire designs. The Python Interconnect and Speaker Cables were designed, tested and proven to outperform the crowded cost-no-object cable category currently on the market. Rather than set its retail prices astronomically high based on perceived performance, Shunyata Research?has committed to reversing the trend of inflated pricing in the cable industry. The Python Interconnects are priced reasonably so they will find a welcome home in all serious playback and recording environments.

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  • Shunyata Research  Python Ztron (XLR)  3ft/1m pair  Interconnect cables
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