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JPS Labs Superconductor 3 (RCA) 3ft/1m pair Interconnect cables

by JPS Labs



3ft/1m pair



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Manufacturer's Description:For the last 9 years the Superconductor 2 line of cables has proven itself as a unique reference, and even today is still the one to beat. It has given so many the ability to hear the natural reproduction of music by doing so much right and so little wrong within any system and any environment; in one word, universal. Now retired, its history carries on along with the mutual respect of high-end manufacturers, reviewers, and many thousands of customers alike from all walks of life all over the world, many who's lives have been positively affected by something as seemingly simple as a cable.Time passes and high-end speakers and electronics evolve with increased resolution and a more 'even' sound, also becoming more universal. The availability of cables with improved resolution allowed others to better tune by listening, even a glimpse of what it could sound like is enough to progress well beyond the present, and so it goes around Time for something far far better to replace comfort with excitement and take us into the next decade of what could be.JPS has always been about educating others in improving their sound and continues this pursuit with one of the most powerful statements ever offered.Perpetuating the Superconductor tradition in their unique ability to bring out the life essence of musicality, these highly refined high-end designs bring a simply amazing level of resolution without brightness.These are some seriously good interconnects, and when combined with any good gear will provide a near perfect path for music with emotions intact, as it should be, as one.

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  • JPS Labs  Superconductor 3 (RCA)  3ft/1m pair  Interconnect cables
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