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Acrolink Mexcel 7N-A2500 (RCA) 3ft/1m pair Interconnect cables

by Acrolink

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3ft/1m pair



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As the world leader in developing ultra pure conductors, ACROLINK continuously searches for improvements in the stability and purity of materials, and incorporates these improvements into cable design.

Our groundbreaking new series of cables features astonishing transmission capability, characterized by a perfectly even frequency response up to 18 GHz! Naturally, the higher the frequency, the shorter the time factor. Therefore, the conductor must have minimal impurities in order to avoid the speed limitation caused by variances in impedance . For smooth transmission, since signal transmission occurs via an electro-magnetic-field, the structure of the cable should ideally be designed to optimize electro-magnetic-field formation by minimizing such adverse properties as electrostatic capacitance, inductance, and dielectric constant factor, etc.

It is said that human ears can only recognize up to 15 KHz or so, and that there is no musical information above this range. This begs the question: why does cable need to have such high speed/frequency response? A study conducted in the USA found that a significant number of randomly selected people were able to recognize the difference between two signals that were identical but for the presence of information in the 100 KHz range in one of the signals. How and why can we recognize the inaudible?

The answer to this question lies in the very nature of music itself: recorded music consists of a complex matrix of an enormous quantity of information, and every minute rise and fall contributes towards our overall musical impression. It follows that the higher the frequency, the more quickly it must rise at a steeper ascent, and therefore it is essential for cable to have ultimate high speed capability in order to deliver a clearer transmission and decay of the signal…even far beyond the supposed capability of human hearing.

As audiophiles, we place great importance upon such subtle elements the as musicians' tone of expression, touch, personality, quality of voice/instruments, temperature, atmosphere etc. It is the interaction of these delicate and minute shapes of information that draw us into the music emotionally. At Acrolink we have resolved to convey these essential elements of musical enjoyment by developing innovative "lateral-thinking" concepts divergent from traditional methods. This fresh approach ensures that our cables are able to operate in the crucial realm of frequencies that lie beyond normal audio range.

ACROLINK is the sole producer of documented stress-free 7N (purer than 99.99999%) copper in the world. This obviously requires the most advanced refining facilities available. Our entirely new conductors were produced in a joint-venture with Mitsubishi Cable Industries Ltd., the top-ranked cable manufacturer to the space industry.

The basic conductor is formed into a fine ribbon (0.1x0.8mm), and then insulated with a fine enamel coating in a Litz structure, enabling a super wide transmission range. Mitsubishi has developed the epoch-making MEDIS electro-deposited insulation system in order to ensure a previously unattainable perfectly even coating around all edges of the rectangular ribbon. The ribbons are then braided densely, (thereby eliminating strain between conductors) around a center core which consists of polymer polyolefin elastomer (for minimum dielectric constant factor) to form a conductive core. 7N-A2500 MEXCEL is constructed in a balanced 2-core shielded cable structure, with the shielding layer also formed with braided 7N copper ribbons (MEXCEL), although of larger size (1.88x0.122mm).

ACROLINK has also developed new RCA and XLR plugs to complement the quality of MEXCEL. Every conceivable detail was thoroughly re-examined, leading to the deployment of high-tech materials and structural technologies for the ultimate efficiency and performance to meet and enhance the superlative MEXCEL standard.

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  • Acrolink  Mexcel 7N-A2500 (RCA)  3ft/1m pair  Interconnect cables
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