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High Fidelity Cables CT-1 (Spades) 8ft/2.5m pair Speaker cables

by High Fidelity Cables

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8ft/2.5m pair



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Design Facts

The interconnect is a coaxial design, using an 18 gauge solid core magnetic proprietary alloy. It has a Teflon dielectric and a silver plated copper braided shield. The outer jacket is Teflon. The alloy wire is mechanically connected to the connector barrel, while the shield and outer jacket are mechanically connected to the ground and both are also connected to the connector barrel. The connector barrel contains 52 individual parts, including several magnetic plates. The center pin is called a pin lock, which is also magnetic. At the end of the male connector is a collapsible circular center pin which helps to create a tight fit between the cable and an RCA female connector on the back of a component.

The speaker cable is essentially the same as the interconnect, with two exceptions:

1) The connector is either a banana plug or spade–both magnetic alloys, but different in content from the wire used in the interconnect.

2) The shield is floated and is connected to the outer jacket mechanically.

Thus , the speaker cable is, essentially, 4 interconnects, subject to the conditions mentioned above. It should be noted that the designer has several patents on all of his cable products.

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