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Gutwire Perfect Ground (RCA to US Wall Plug) 10ft/3m Power Cables

by GutWire

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Improve Your Ground and Hear What You ve Been Missing Don t assume that the ground on your power cord provides sufficient grounding for your sensitive electronics. GutWire found that in the majority of audio components the circuit boards aren t connected to an AC ground. This may be a sound engineering philosophy, however, this approach simply doesn t provide a sufficient ground plane for the circuit board. GutWire Ground Cables provide a very strong ground path for the connected component which in turn dramatically lowers the noise floor, reducing haze, harshness and glare. GutWire Ground Cables are specifically designed with optimum noise reduction in mind. The Perfect Ground is composed of four 14AWG High Purity Oxygen-Free Copper conductors (8AWG aggregate) which is connected exclusively to ground at both ends. GutWire s Bincho-Tan termination features Ubame oak charcoal from Japan. This natural granular material is installed inside the AC Wall Plug and is part of what gives the Perfect Ground its incredible sense of space and depth. According to GutWire, Bincho-Tan emits negative ions as well as absorbing RF and EMI for massive noise reduction. Standard termination is RCA to Wall Plug, with XLR or Spades available as special order options. The Ground Cable concept is incredibly simple. Connect a Ground Cable between an unused input on the component and then plug the cord into the wall outlet. Only the ground pins on the cable are wired, so this is perfectly safe. This provides the shortest possible pathway to ground for the circuit board, draining away any noise present on the ground. The effect is staggering; music emanates from a pure black background with startling clarity and dynamic range.


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  • Gutwire  Perfect Ground (RCA to US Wall Plug)   10ft/3m  Power Cables
  • Gutwire  Perfect Ground (RCA to US Wall Plug)   10ft/3m  Power Cables
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