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Audioquest Volcano (Bananas) 10ft/3m pair Speaker cables

by Audioquest



10ft/3m pair



Regular $3,500.00

SALE $1,995.00


Volcano utilizes PSC+ 16 copper conductors which are of four different sizes so that any sonic character from one size is offset by the others, a feature AudioQuest calls Spread Spectrum Technology. The eight positive and eight negative conductors spiral counter to each other, the band of negative conductors on the outside of the positive conductors, so that the conductors cross each other instead of run parallel for the length of the cable. This is a strategy that other cables companies embrace, but it is applied in different ways. AudioQuest calls its application Counter-Spiraling Earth-Feature Geometry, and it makes for a speaker cable that's thick and somewhat stiff

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  • Audioquest  Volcano (Bananas)  10ft/3m pair  Speaker cables
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