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Synergistic Research Level 4 UEF Atmosphere (XLR) 10ft/3m pair Interconnect cables
Synergistic Research: 7002
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The new four cable series from Synergistic Research called "Atmosphere UEF" (models are simply "Level 1" to "Level 4") are flat out incredible performers offering a level of performance at pricing we would not have thought possible.? Here are some highlights: A. This is the first non-Active Shielding high end cable series Synergistic has released since the 2nd half of the 1990's. Why? In the last 18 months SR has developed what they call UEF technology. UEF stands for Uniform Energy Field, a concept based on the idea that everything in audio vibrates creating harmonic and sound wave confusion that congests and compresses the musical frequencies. The UEF products are intended to clean up this hash. As SR began applying the UEF concept to signal cables, it became clear that up to a certain point they could offer better performance for the money by incorporating UEF technology into their designs tha

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Length: 10ft/3m pair
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