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Audioquest S-5 S Video 3ft/1m Video cable: Other
Audioquest: 1549
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Manufacturer's Description: THE DEFINITION OF S: CinemaQuest S video cables include two identical maximum performance coaxial cables, one for the Y (black and white) signal and one for the C (color information) signal. In single-channel composite video, the Y and C signals are combined to run on a single cable. Using S-video avoids the degradation caused by the process of combining and separating the Y and C signals. When available, three-channel Component video (CQ YIQ cables) is better because the Pb and Pr color information is not combined into a single C signal. THE INGREDIENTS: S-5 uses a Solid Silver (Perfect-Surface Silver) center conductor insulated with Hard-Cell Foam (HCF). Normal 1.25% silver-plate greatly improves high frequency performance for a fraction of the cost of solid silver. 2.5% and 6.1% silver conductors allow much higher performance. However, solid silver made using Perfect-Surface technology is the clear answer to How good can it get? Nitrogen Injected HCF reduces distortion caused by the insulating material. The combination conductive PVC and Silver-Plated braid shield provides 100% protection coverage and lower distortion. Direct-Silver Plated connectors are professionally attached with superior AudioQuest solder.

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